Please bear with me…

As I eluded to a week ago, in my middle of the night, should have been sleeping haze, I stupidly over wrote my whole website. At first I was happy to try to just forget about it. But then I heard from some of you! I had no idea that someone out there actually found my humble home school offerings useful. So, I am going to be working on getting some things back up here.
The thing is, it’s literally been years since I’ve built a website! I sure am rusty at it! I’m trying to keep my inner perfectionist at bay, as I’ve always tinkered with the appearance of my site till it was just right, then loaded it with content. However the theme I use has been “retired” and help for it is not quite as easy to get.
So, please bear with me as I try to get resources back up here. As I’m sure you can relate, life is a little hectic for us right now. With a recent move, homeschooling my first high school year, and just plain family life, I’m a bit stretched. So things might not be purty, but please know I am working on it.
Thank you for your understanding. :)

Well Crud

A note to the wise.  Don’t decide to try something new when you’re exhausted.

I just accidentally deleted my WHOLE DANG website.  Sorry, it’s gone.  Maybe one day I’ll put it back up, but for now, it’s no where to be seen.